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The Armed Citizen Project is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to training and arming residents in mid-high crime areas with defensive shotguns, for free!  In training and arming law-abiding residents, we are saturating neighborhoods with defensive weapons, and measuring the effect that a heavily armed society has on crime rates.

Tucson Arizona - Tucson was once a quiet and safe place to live and raise your family, but with the ever increasing violence and the diminishing public safety forces by the City Council this is simply not the case any longer. Police can no longer respond to the simplest of calls, only the most violent due to the budget cuts made to them by the City Council.  Tucson currently has a ranking of 5 out of 100 (100 being safest.) 

"Tucson's police chief says his department's slow response to a fight at a midtown library last month is the result of years of budget cuts and being understaffed by about 150 officers.

As a result, Chief Roberto Villaseñor said, officers are forced to decide what calls to respond to first and which calls can wait.

"It's a daily, if not hourly, occurrence," Villaseñor said. "And I would say more hourly."

December 09, 2012 12:00 am  •  Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

Protecting your family and your property is a personal right, the way you do it is up to you as the individual. Many choose to let the police do it for them but in this current environment that is becoming less and less realistic each day. With that being said myself and several others in Tucson have decided to join Kyle and the Armed Citizen Project and begin to identify areas in Tucson that can benefit from this program.

In Tucson we have teamed up with Black Weapons Armory to purchase our shotguns for the give away. Black weapons armory will also be doing the individual background checks on the individuals who would like to participate.

Welcome to Black Weapons Armory! We specialize in AR-15 parts and accessories and feature industry leading gun companies.

Training and safety classes will be provided by Warrior School.

Our Mission: Provide cutting edge, state of the art, personal defense solutions, via highly realistic, full spectrum training, to US and allied government, military, and corporate, as well as to the private citizen.

If you would like to get involved or If you are interested in setting up a chapter in your city, please Contact Us.

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