Armed Citizen Project Updates

Since our start in 2013 Armed Citizen Project has seen several successes and armed over 100 citizens, in the Houston area alone, as part of its mission to reduce crime by arming qualifying citizens living in high crime neighborhoods, notably single mothers.

Originally founded by Kyle Coplen with the goal to be a 501c3 charity that could accept tax deductible donations and then use them to arm whole neighborhoods at a time with pump action shotguns; ACP and its mission to arm citizens have since evolved as we have developed as an organization.

The notable changes are first of all that Kenny Wolfam has taken over for Kyle Coplen as our as president. Kyle still consults with the project, though his primary focuses have shifted to other efforts.

Next, rather than arming whole neighborhoods in a broad stroke, ACP is shifting its focus to being more surgical in who we arm so that we can better help those who need it most. With this change in emphasis from the neighborhood to the individual level we expect to be able to grow ACP significantly faster given that it will be notably easier to coordinate with ranges and volunteers.

The most significant change is that instead of trying to file as a 501c3, Armed Citizen Project is instead reorganizing to file as a 501c4, as this will all allow us to directly engage in the political debate surrounding guns. It should be noted that our intent with 501c4 political activity is not to turn Armed Citizen Project into a dedicated gun rights lobbying firm, like NAGR or the NRA; rather it is to remove political barriers, such as regional de facto gun bans, that prevent ACP from being able to achieve it's mission to lower crime by arming citizens.


While the Armed Citizen Project propper will eventually become a 501c4 we will also be starting, a separate but associated 501c3. Expanding upon our original firearms donation efforts, this separate entity will be a charity predicated on using donated firearms to lower crime. The name of this 501c3 will be the Armed Citizens Project Firearms Municipium Judicium (ACP-FMJ) which translates to “For the Community and by the Law”, and we currently have the paper work being filed to make it accept tax deducatle donations right now. One of the primary goals of the ACP-FMJ will be accept donated firearms, among other donations, and use them, or the proceeds of their sale, to lower crime. One aspect of this goal will be to achieve the stated goals of so called “gun-buyback programs” and provide a way for those who truly believe that a particular firearm(s) needs to be taken “Off-the-streets” and/or “Out of the house” a way to surrender such firearm(s) without any undue hassle.


However, unlike gun-buybacks that are somewhat notorious for giving criminals funds to buy better guns with, in addition to blatantly excusing potential criminal behavior with their “No Questions Asked” policies. The ACP-FMJ would ask essential questions such as “Is this firearm legally owned by someone else?”, and follow all applicable legal steps required for acquiring weapons in potentially suspicious circumstances, the same as pawn shops routinely do. Most importantly the vast majority of these firearms(s) collected by the ACP-FMJ would be strictly as a voluntary donations* because it’s “The Right Thing to Do” and not because someone wants a bit of “Easy Money” from potentially stolen firearms. All sale proceeds from donated firearms, along with any other donations will be used to lower crime by arming law abiding citizens via the Armed Citizen Project and potentially other such efforts.

One last significant change is that instead of solely providing citizens with pump action shotguns, ACP will in addition to choosing who we arm case-by-case also choose the gun we provide on a similar basis; given that a lightweight pink revolver will frequently be a more apt choice for some then a full sized heavyweight 12ga shotgun. On this point it should be noted that Armed Citizen Project will not be arming anyone with semi-automatic firearms, only manually cycled internal magazine firearms such as pump shotguns, lever rifles, and revolvers, which are a firearms classification known as Abolitionist Arms. The reason for doing so is twofold, first of which is the economical pricing of manually cycled firearms, which will allow ACP to arm more total citizens. The second is perception as manually cycled firearms are by enlarge not perceived to be “bullet hoses O death” by many on the left of American Politics; thus eliminating an undue political hindrance to ACP’s mission.

Subsequently, what has not changed is our mission, which is quite simply reducing crime by arming citizens with the specific aim of creating as many new legal and responsible gun owners as we can. Of note is that ACP seeks to branch out to communities/persons that are historically on the left of American politics, and are thus quite often misinformed about guns, having never owned nor shot one before. As it is frequently this demographic of citizens that have the most to gain from the 2nd Amendment civil right, as tragically proved by Orlando.

To this end it should be noted that ACP is for all “Common Use” firearms & accessories, but only promotes the ownership of the aforementioned Abolitionist Arms; seeing as how this classification of firearms includes the ones Joe Biden says you need to get, and Obama, who aptly as the first Black president, is willing to post pictures of him shooting.

Specifically worth mentioning therefore, is that our 501c4 efforts to remove political barriers to gun ownership, will be focused on securing, without infringement, the rights of citizens to own Abolitionist Arms. Given that the right to own Abolitionist Arms is the minimum level or gun rights that the Armed Citizen Project needs in order to effectively operate in a given community. Therefore advocating for the further rights of citizens to own other Common Use firearms, without infringements, while a supported position of the ACP. Would however, be time, money, and effort not spent by the ACP actually arming citizens, and is thus not in the best interests of the Armed Citizen Project.

Now more than ever, ACP is looking for volunteers to start regional chapters, pursue sponsors, fight legal battles to protect basic 2A rights, and most of all to instruct fellow citizens, from the ground up, on the proper safety and legality associated with being an armed citizen.

If you are intrsted or have any questions/comments please contatact Kenny Wolfam via or on twitter @KennyWolfam